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Related article: Date : Sun, October 18, 2009 July 15 55 -0700 From: Stories Foryou u003cstories -for-you hotmail. com u003e Subject: broken-hearted friends of the young n This takes plase on the true path of Chancey If you do not have read the story here, the fast link is as follows: / nifty / gay / girl friends / Chancey If you do not want to read, easily lost only heart broken : SFY each rember any date or dates n. Maybe it's a birthday or an event that plase. Now there are four dates Foget May 12. 08 / 18 / custom 20th August 10/16. Means some events today thes nothing. For outlier mean somthing, but only one was verry my meaning behind thease dates. Let Start with 5 / 22 This date was the day that my head board. But then I found a friend. We chat to Awilo. Soon it was much larger than is a Frendship. We had to have everything in commion as the two older brothers and Stupp some things like that. Then 08. Happiond 18. This HAD Been Worse one day for me. I have not lost just a friend , but a brother. So I did all I could do but mourn. Well, I was crying when I got the message. In fact, even at times. In fact, I see a his face as I'm Preteen Tgp writing this. This may sound stupid to most of you I bet. So I wrote a true story, to express my logging and sends a ingenious. I do not know why I did it. Maybe my way of talking to someone about my ​​broken heart. As soon as I sent is not yet a day later I received e- mails. o more e- mails that I have for my other two stories. They thought I was thouh and thanked them. and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you agan : For people who read my story Chancey With kind words means a lot. I do not know I could reach people who do not speak undwestand but I knew I refer the reader to understand the witty and Wright. Thank you agan. 8 / 20, when I got your e -mail him. He liked my story and I wanted my friend s. There's nothing wrong with that. Finally, I lost one and ne juhappion º to the show and a chance to send me becuse he did not want to that I'm sad. Awilo took for me, e- mail him and not know why. perhaps I Afrad. His name is Jimmy. This is not your real name or not even close to that. He was an oxide Pirson for me. We talked and had things in commion. even , but not by e- mail ech other, we had a lot of talk a lot. n after a week or I love it. even if I wanted to be just friends. a his friends for a month, I asked him a question. I was afraid of them Afrad becuse it was, what would be the answer. But I took a deep breath and she asked. "You have to..... to.... uh... I want to be bfs " He stopped for a minute or so, but he was more. Then he said: "haha I do not know", I laghing al. Do not bother me too much, at least not said no. by that where friends about three months. Our Frendship was great. Was the best of s I was at that time. The days when I thought that Jimmy was angry at me becuse my ​​cousin came over and started chating with him. I was with my cousin crazy, but not n a 7 year old could not be angry with a lot more time now that I can ? So I had to e- mail Jimmy tell her I am, what my little cousin. In recent days I agan saw him and he was not mad that he just has to go. I was glad that Jimmy was not angry with me. Then one day my cousin came. The same as Chat with Jimmy. I told Jimmy I would be back, and you could talk to my cousin if desired. I do not know how long I was out, but my cousin Jimmy. It was at the time Awil since asked if we could BFS. So a question desided close question. Again, I was nervous. But I took a deep Breth and asked it. There jimmy... Um think it could be bfs Ever? I waited for what However, if only a minute. "Maybe," I was glad at least I have one, maybe. chatted for a few days passed and then came 16. 10. That was the day broke my heart a second for some time and thought everything reasion but it was not true and that I was all twhat Preteen Tgp has happened. It was not that drives me crazy, but I did mourn. I do not know what he was saying these things to me, and is. I had e -mail. after hours Cupples sent me back MAILD did not say anything more e- mail u0026 not talk to me no more. My heart was no longer the brakes posble. I was crying even more and my brother belongs to me and wanted to know why she was crying. I said everything I said opportunity on him and told him about Jimmy. Now that you know. It has somthing on the same day, and I learned the next day. What - and I did emaild can not BLEVE. I do not know what he said, but I hope it good, not worse. But once I found out I had an email back jimmy n to see if it was true. But I've never heard of him agan. Jimmy, if you speak one of the readers to contact me.
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